We’re more fun when you dance, We sound better when you sing, and we look better when you’re drunk!

In a genre that is sadly (and literally) dying, Bolzen Beer Band takes polka to the next level, taking that classic polka sound and infusing it with energy, attitude and youth!

Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Bolzen Beer Band has taken their one-of-a-kind blend of punk rock and polka across the country with their high-octane, lederhosen-clad shows that will surely get the crowd on their feet. BBB puts their unique twist on a variety of classic hits from any genre – the Beatles to Macklemore – and of course many of the polka traditionals you love.

“Sex Drugs Polka”, a one-of-a-kind, 28-minute roller coaster that breaks the boundaries of polka and explores different styles from around the world, while keeping the trademark Bolzen feel: fast, loud, and drunk! Released February 2013.

“…On The Dance Floor”, combines some classic favorites, along with a new Eastern Eurpoean sound and timbre experimentation with 21st century effects. Released September, 2014.